We're adding a new desk!

by Daniel Young | | 0 comments

As you may have seen in some of the news articles on Kickstand, we are tweaking our designs and lowering our prices. The biggest news is that we are releasing a smaller version of the big desk. It's a smaller version for smaller spaces and budgets.

While the big desk was designed for the office, the small desk has been designed for a home or apartment. The small desk has a desktop that's 80x60 (31x24 in), which is about half the size of its bigger sibling. Since its smaller, it doesn't need the sliders. The desktop comes standard with a recycled maple surface; optional desktop surfaces such as glass, steel or anything else you can think of are also available.

The finish for the desk comes standard in a raw steel finish. As with the desktop, we can finish the frame in a brushed or powder coated finish to match your taste.

Thanks to everyone for providing their feedback on the idea and the design. What you've said has been invaluable to us in tweaking our designs, pricing and options to match what you like most about the kickstand concept.

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