You can stand there too.

by Daniel Young | | 0 comments

Since we launched the site, we've had thousands of people visit Kickstand. This has been way more than what we expected. Thanks!

With all those eyes looking at our product, we're always surprised to hear what people see; often it's quite different than what we expected. One thing that few people noticed is one thing we'd like to point out. When you're done riding, you can use the desk as a standup desk with co-workers and colleagues.

Yup, spending eight plus hours per day spinning will put you into awesome shape. However, there will be times when you need to move the bike out of the way and use the desk for meetings, collaborative sessions or as a place just to get work done. When these times come, just put the bike aside and enjoy.

The sliders we used on the big desk have been selected to remain in place even when people are leaning on the desk or using it for things other than cycling. Even though it's been designed to ride, it works great standing by itself.

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