A Cheilectomy and the Desk

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Two years ago, I broke a toe. If my memory serves, I was doing something heroic like fighting off a team of stealth ninjas or something like that. Anyway, when I saw the podiatrist, he mentioned something about my big toe. The X-ray for my broken foot showed that I had a spur and some bone fragments lodged in the adjacent joint. Joy.

As I looked into this further, it was clear that the pain I had been feeling in my foot for the past few years was an indication that I needed to have some work done. I needed to have the fragments and the bone spur removed. Like most of you, the though of a surgical procedure that would keep me off my feet wasn't my idea of a fun time. Alas, after procrastinating for a number of years, the time came to have the surgery.

That was last week. Thankfully, everything went well and I can focus on the recovery. As I do, I've been spending time catching up with work while doing some light spinning, biased around my good foot. The desk has been a great way of helping me slowly start the reconditioning process in December. Even though I'm weeks away from being 100%, having the ability to spin and work--at home--has been fantastic. For the first time since going under the knife, I'm starting to feel like my days of hobbling around at home are finally numbered.

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