Sale on Two Desks is Over

by Daniel Young | | 0 comments

Quick update: These two desks sold. Currently we don't have any scratch and dent desks left in stock. If you're interested in any (if any become available), let us know.


Over the summer, our fabricators made a couple goofs. Rather than hand them back and waste the material, we're going to put them on sale for discount off of the retail price. 

We have one large desk with a dent on one of the support beams. It comes with a wooden top and standard footers. The dent is hidden under the table top, so only you and your kids will see it. We're willing to take 10% off of the price for this unit.

There's one small desk with the recycled maple top. The top has some stains on it from the fabrication process. The legs and stands are fine. We'll take 10% off of this unit.

If you're interested in either of these, let us know. We'll give you a coupon code when ordering.

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