It's Cold Outside; Time to Ride

by Daniel Young | | 0 comments

With the holidays behind us, we have a few long months of winter ahead. What are you going to do to stay fit and prepare for the Spring rides? 

Last year, we developed some new, smaller standup desks that provide a perfect way to keep riding while the weather's cold. All you need is a trainer and one of our desks, and you can ride and work throughout the cold.

The whole idea behind our desks came from this season. The winter brings a lot of rain, snow and generally terrible riding conditions. Instead of rationalizing this as an excuse not to get on my bike, I designed a replacement to my traditional desk, one where I can put my bike and ride. 

The desks were designed for that purpose, so they don't lower their height to accommodate someone who wants to sit in an office chair. They double as a standup desk when you're done riding. We build them out of heavy 2" square steel and solid wood tops so they're extremely stable, regardless of how hard you may be riding. We didn't want to compromise the style or the design; just wanted to make a great desk.

Once our customers get one, they're immediately happy with the results. The desks look great and they provide a great way of beating the cold and keep riding all winter long.

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