The FAQs

Your Kickstand desk is going to be awesome! Rather than sit all day in a cube, you can be on your wheels, being productive at the home or your office while spinning for hours. When you do get started, there are a few things you need to know about your desk.

It's a desk...

We sell bicycle-centric furniture; desks, stools (coming in 2015) and other stuff. Since we assume you already have a bike, we don't sell those. We also don't sell the trainers for your bike, those you'll need to get on your own.

It's a desk...

To point out the obvious, it's a stand-up desk that was designed to accommodate a variety of uses, one of which is to ride your bike while you're working. When you're done with your training, you can use the desk as a traditional stand-up desk in your home or office. 

You're working...

When people get started with the desk, the fun factor is pretty strong. You are, after all, riding your bike while you're working. Once the wheels start to spin, you'll soon realize that you're not only working your mind on your job, but your working your body. Depending on your level of conditioning, this can prove to be interesting.

The one thing you'll notice is that doing mundane tasks at your desk become much more interesting as your cadence goes up. An hour or so into your ride is when your co-workers will start watching in befuddled amusement as your ability to manage the mental and the physical begin to change. 

Like everything else in life, you'll quickly get the hang of things. Expect to find a good pace where you can balance spinning and working after the first week. Then, when you want to push it, push the desktop back and crush it.

Pick a good saddle...

Riding on a trainer is different that riding on a road. Combine riding on a trainer with being at a cycle desk for a few hours and you have a completely new experience--figuratively and literally.

Experienced cyclists know that a good saddle makes a big difference, in performance and comfort. If you haven't given your saddle a lot of thought, you should. Having a good saddle improves the overall experience of the cycle desk.

We recommend having two saddles for your office; one for longer, lower cadence sessions and your normal road saddle. This way, you can quickly swap one for the other, depending on what you're doing.